Current Leaders

professor dabai hu, an expert enjoying special allowance of the state council, a deputy to the npc, and one of the "ten outstanding women of china", was cordially met by hu jintao,general secretary of the cpc and chairman of the people's repulic of china. her advanced concept in eudcation and experience in management hava been widely reported by such important newspapers as the people's daily, the guangming daily,the china education daily,the china women's daily,the china youth daily and such cctv programs as "oriental stars" and "half of the sky".

Yabo下载there is no doubt that the huanghe science and technology college is the first private-run college in china.president hu dabai,displaying the spirit of daring to be the first in the world and always stands at the forefront of the reform movement, has become the creator of many “firsts” in the field of private-run education in china.

hu dabai is not only an educationalist but also a kindly mother. she has devoted her wisdom as an educator and her motherly love to the concern for and cultivation of her students.

hu dabai and the huanghe science and technology college hava closely linked together and can never be separated.

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