General Info

    huanghe science & technology college (hstc) is a private general institute of higher education founded in october 1984. in february 1994, hstc became the first independently established higher institute of undergraduate course authorized by the former committee of national education since the enactment of “temporary regulations on establishment of private schools of higher education”. authorized by the ministry of education, hstc became the first private general higher institute to award bachelor’s degrees in march 2000.

    since its establishment, huanghe science & technology college has been carrying out national educational principles and adhering to socialistic educational guidelines. the college insists on the vision of “serving the country, the people and the socialistic modernization drive”. the principles of the college are: to focus on improving the quality of teaching, to advance by enhancing the level of management as well as to rely on strengthening the ideology cultivation. combining the "pioneering, fighting, hard-working, and dedicating" spirits with self-reliance and diligence, the college has carved out a path of development for socialistic private colleges with chinese characteristics. the college has grown into a locally-oriented, public-serving, multi-subject four-year teaching college that focuses on applied fields and fosters the harmonious development of multiple subjects.

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